Name: David Applegate

Age: 20

Location: Norwich


How long have you been paintballing for?

I’ve Been going to walk-ons for nearly 3 years now, however I first ever played paintball 5 years ago. How did you find Skirmish? Like many people I know who now play at an amateur level I came across Skirmish playing rental games for friends birthdays. When I made the move to playing walk-ons I played at Skirmish to, being the closest site to me than ran a walk on at the time.

What site do you play at?

I play at Skirmish Necton most walk-ons.

What is it about this venue that attracted you?

Initially, it was the location, however I keep on playing there as its a great site. The marshals, staff and players are very friendly and they’re always willing to help if you have a problem. There is a great mix of people to, from your woodsball crowd to your sup-air crowd, your weekend warrior to your tourney player. As far as the paintball site iteself goes there is a great variety of gamezones at Necton with open wooded fields, built up “villages” and small, fast and furious fields.

Have you played at any other Skirmish venues?

Skirmish Plumstead for a few rental games.

What got you into paintballing?

To be perfectly honest, it was that you get to run around the woods and shoot people for fun.. and lets face it, its a bit different than most other sports.

What do you feel are the skills a good paintballer must posses to survive?

Patience and control: things aren’t always going to go your way, especially when you start out. Your probably going to find yourself in the dead box more often than not, we all know there is nothing more frustrating than getting hit in the first few minutes of the game by a long-ball. What matters is how you deal with it, getting angry isn’t going to help anyone, especially when your carrying something that could be potentially lethal or that could certainly cause a serious injury. Other than that, things like adaptability – being able to change your game plan and game play on the fly is key for when things start to go belly up; communication – information is key, it will stop you from making a silly move and allow your team to function as a solid unit; aggression – used under control aggression can be one of your best assets. You need to move up the field hard and fast to lock down those bunkers, allowing you to go for the jugular of the opposition and keeping the pressure well and truly on.

What skills are you currently developing?

I’m always working on communication, its one thing that can always be improved upon. You can practice off the field, but its a whole different ball game when you have 5-10 people gunning for you at full pelt with paintballs flying around you.

When you’re not paintballing what are you 5 favourite things to do?

Photography (my other love in life), Writing, Contributing to paintball forums, PS3 and generally chillaxing 😀

Do you have any favourite websites for keeping up to date and interacting with others?

Facebook – lets face it, I think half the planet must be on it.

Do you have a personal website, or a paintball website you use regularly?

Me and group of players from Norfolk have set up a website to network local players together, check us out at We are always adding to the site with new content and were hoping that the website will take off soon and players all over norfolk will be able chat about where they’re playing, what gear their using and to general have some fun. The site is also aimed at new players as much as it is the veteran players, with lots of information about where to play, how to get started and what gear to get/not get.


Thanks to David for an insightful interview, expecially the tips on how not to get shot!

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