After talking to the owner of our Paintball High Wycombe, we got into the subject of what makes a good player different to an excellent player and after reeling of a list of different aspects, he sent me this email:

1. Use cover as a diversion. Appear from behind a part of the cover, duck down, and move to another part. Your opponent will be focusing his attention on where you used to be – where he thinks you still are. Jump up and nail him, if he’s close enough, or jump up and run to better cover if he isn’t. Use the element of surprise.

2. Use teamwork to keep an opponent trapped behind cover. With a teammate providing cover fire aimed at the object your opponent is hiding behind, you can approach undetected and find a better angle to tag him while he’s still behind cover. If he realizes you are approaching and breaks cover to tag you, your teammate will tag him.

3. Learn total awareness. Don’t focus your attention on a single spot, even if you think an opponent may be hiding there – a different opponent may be flanking you. Or you may locate an opponent you wouldn’t otherwise have seen. Constantly survey your surroundings.

4. Move. Standing still will get you noticed. Moving will keep your opponent guessing about where you could pop up from. Moving will get you to better positions. Try shooting first, then moving while your opponents are behind cover, to give yourself the most time.

5. Move up field especially when your opponent doesn’t see you. You can either shoot blindly, probably from out of range, or you can take advantage of the moment to move up field to where you could be more useful. Don’t be afraid of moving up field – fear leads to hesitation, which could get you tagged.

7. When you get to a new position, pause. Don’t give yourself away immediately. Take a moment to survey the field from your new angle, determine if any opponents are within range, or if there’s a better position you can run to.

8. Keep it simple. Really cool looking moves will only make you look stupid if you get tagged while doing them.

9. Climb a tree. People rarely look up. You won’t have the freedom of movement, but you will have additional cover and concealment. This tactic is especially good for protecting a base or a flag.

10. Communicate with your teammates, especially on offensive maneuvers. You’ll have more success as a team than as an individual. And even if the opponent you are trying to tag hears you, if you have a good plan he won’t be able to do anything with the knowledge anyway. Paintball is a team sport.

I don’t think he’s far off with these, and if you keep these in mind then you’ll not go far wrong!