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Paintball Nottingham Super Sunday

Introducing Super Sunday, only available at Skirmish Paintball Nottingham and Paintball Sheffield.

Only available on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Pay just £20 booking fee, and you’ll get your first 100 paintballs absolutely free. You’ll also get all of the following:

  • Entrance to an award-winning, top-of-the-range paintball venue,
  • Use of the very latest Piranha Paintball Gun. Fire 7 paintballs a second at your mates.
  • Tough-wearing, newly-brought and freshly-cleaned camo overalls, with battle pack holders and padded balaclavas.
  • Anti-mist goggles, making sure you don’t miss a second of the all out battle.
  • Use of constantly improving and innovative gamezones which will take your breath away.
For more information on this fantastic and incredible, money saving offer call on 0800 328 2785.

District 10

It’s taken just 19 days into the New Year and Shoreline are delighted to announce the first stop in the 2011 paintball season is the hotly anticipated Super 6/1: District 10 weekend at Skirmish Paintball Nottingham.

What is expected to be the largest scenario day in the UK, this fantastic event stretches over two days, each day packed with exciting events which aren’t to be missed!


Saturday will be brimming full with activities and events. Although ‘ballers do not have to attend on Saturday, it is included in the player pack and is a fantastic way to have a look around the traders stalls, have access to FREE technical support and why not attend the pre-event meet up and have a few drinks with like-minded ‘ballers? A great way to kick-back and relax in preparation to what will be one of the best scenario events in the UK! Shoreline will also be running 2, two-hour paintball games, each with a fun theme and it is expected these will be closely contended!


And now the details you’ve all been waiting for!

The full details for the game including the game map, scoring periods and all other relevant information will be released before the event in the form of a Player Pack.
As with most Shoreline events, the game itself will be multi-layered. There will be time based missions to complete, territory based missions and secret missions throughout the event. Players can choose to involve themselves on a highly tactical and strategic basis, or players can just walk onto the field and shoot up the opposition – either is good and there should be plenty in the game to keep the hardcore tactical scenario player amused as well as the guys who just love to run and gun.
The artifacts hidden around the field will be based on Alien Technology and Cat Food. If you’ve not seen the film, then the cat food reference will be lost on you – get down to BlockBuster and rent the movie!
Each faction will be allocated a HQ tent which will contain a computer, 42 inch LCD screen and network connection. Throughout the game, special missions will be transmitted to each factions HQ terminal including intel, maps and points details. Each faction will need to convert this intel into ‘points on the ground’ so good communications will be key.

The game will be open to any level of player, so if you’ve never played a Big Scenario Game before, don’t worry! It may seem complicated now, but just rock up with your gun and a smile on your face and you’ll fit right in. Shoreline games are renowned for being the safest and the best organised in the UK – that’s why we have players from all over the world travel to play at our games. So no matter what your experience level, you’ll be more than welcome!

Still undecided if you want to attend? Cast your eyes over this long list of just some of the things to expect!

  • Minimum 300 players
  • Played at a site that nobody has ever played before (they do not host walk-ons or scenario games). The site is fantastic and the facilities amongst the best we’ve seen in the UK
  • Hard standing, heated flushing toilets. Permanently manned and cleaned continuously
  • Fast Track registration system
  • Tiberius First Strike Shooting Competition – free
  • Traders Tech classes – free
  • Super6 Academy classroom session – free
  • Super6 Academy field based session – free
  • Air Safety Training and pass cards – free
  • Tech gun tech support (multiple manufacturers) – free
  • 4500psi HPA fills from HPAC (that’s right folks, Super6 have sorted it – 4.5k is back for authorised Super6 events only!!!!)
  • Multiple Traders
  • Multiple manufacturers
  • Shooting Range
  • Super6 girls
  • Super6 Golden Gun will be on display
  • Super6 TV crew will be in attendance making their 30 minute Super6 TV show
  • BraNewbs Photography will cover D10 and photo sets will be available for only £3.50!
  • Scores of overseas players from all over Europe are already committed to attending D10
  • HUGE PRIZE GIVE AWAY!!! More than you’ve ever seen before at a scenario event. 😉
  • Pre Big Game drinks meet up at local hotel
  • Minimum of 4 hours play on Saturday including special games (more about those in the Player Pack)
  • 6 hour Scenario Big Game on the Sunday
  • 4 Command HQ Tent complete with networked PC’s and 42 inch plasma screens
  • On site Super6 cafe from RAM Training with the usual fare plus healthy options at capped prices. All diners will be able to sit down and enjoy their meal.

Want some more information? Head on over to Shorelines District 10 website!

Christmas Vouchers

Over at our paintball Nottingham venue, we’re happy to announce that you are now able to purchase paintball vouchers for christmas.

As an ideal gift, paintball gift vouchers can be redeemed for anything including going towards a day of paintballing and purchasing paintballs on site.


Christmas Vouchers

The ideal christmas gift



Contact our office on 0800 328 2785 for more information.

We’ve been asked on numerous occasion’s by newcomers about how best to win a paintball game. Now, this comes with practice, but we’ve compiled a little ‘cheat sheet’ which provides good reading before you come paintballing with us!

Written up by a marshals at our Nottingham Paintball venue, here is a run down on things to remember…

The key to squad sports is that they need teamwork, skill, and preparation. These aspects of team sports are very often seen in games like basketball, football and baseball thereby creating a worthwhile paintball squad is no exception. To make a winning team, every participant ought to be a good squad as well as individual player and it all begins during the training sessions where players learn how to play on the offense as well as on the defense side.

War games are the replica of the real-life conditions and after every game players must critically analyze their performances. This is how players can review and rectify the faults they made so that in future they play more efficiently as a squad. After some practice with the home squad, it is always fruitful to invite another team to join the practice session, since the players can know some other techniques and better their own skill sets.

There are several ways to play a paintball game: You can end the match by capturing the other squad’s flag or a time limit can be set so that whoever has the most players left wins. The match can also be played till such times that all the squad members of a particular team are ousted. Setting a time limit to the game is good for the practice sessions, since this makes every participant put in his best efforts to score goals for the team. One strategy to play paintball is to create a defense team who act as protectors of the fort while the balance players go on playing on the offensive.

Developing sharp-shooting skills is an important part of training and players ought to efficiently hit mobile as well as frozen targets. With ammo being restricted, it is important that players shoot targets, which are clearly visible rather than shooting any random target, which only results in wastage of ammo.

Sneakiness is a great property to have for winning a paintball game so when a team creeps in opposition soil unnoticed they can launch a sudden attack before the other squad can gather their counterattack. So the skill to move stealthily can increase your chances of winning the match. Using hand signs, or sounds are a great way to communicate during a paintball match as this would never allow the opposing squad to ever know what your team is preparation to do next, and this could be a path leading to winning. The other team will not be able to expose your plans so by using all of these drills and scenarios in each time the team practices, they will be ready to challenge anyone in the league. In reality it is very easy to win in paintball, provided the team members have practiced sufficiently and know just what is expected of them during the match.

So here you have it, taken straight from the horses mouth!

Occasionally we have the odd celebrity popping in, and last weekend Olly Murs dropped by with a Stag Party for a full day of paintball!

The chirpy Essex lad wowed the judges and audience with his performance on the X Factor in 2009, went through to Simon’s House in Los Angeles, then into the finals.

Great to see him on a more relaxed atmosphere! and having a ball with his mates! He definitely gets a Yes from us 🙂

Read more about this over at!

Olly Murs at Skirmish Paintball in Nottingham

X-Factor star playing paintball at Skirmish Paintball in Nottingham