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Fire, fire!

I’ve just recieved an email from our paintball Brighouse venue, along with a photo of a fire that recently burnt down the in-field safety zone!

It’s made a right mess, but luckily nobody was hurt. I guess it’s just more of an annoyance.

Following our post about how to be successful during a paintball game, we have come up with a list of 10 fantastic tips that will help you play more efficiently during a paintball battle.

Written by a paintball marshal over at Skirmish Brighouse and Wakefield, these are his top ten most important tips to improve your game:

1. Move

The key to paintball is movement and there’s no better paintball tip than to to learn how to move. You should learn when to move, learn how to move and move all the time.

2. Get a Good Paint To Barrel Match

You have to buy paintballs to play the game, so you might as well get some paint that fits.If your paint is round and fits snugly in your barrel your accuracy will improve dramatically.

3. Walk the Field

One trip around the field can pay off huge dividends as you learn the angles and know the locations of the best cover.

4. Get in Shape

A day of paintball is much more fun and you can actually focus on your game if you aren’t constantly gasping for air. Get yourself into good enough shape that your primary concern is not if your body can handle the next game.

5. Know what You and Your Equipment are Capable of Doing

If you know you can’t shoot worth anything when you run, save it for practice and don’t try it in a game. If you know you can’t win a high speed shootout, don’t try. If you know your gun isn’t accurate beyond sixty feet, save your paint. When you know what your limitations are you won’t get yourself into trouble nearly as often. You should always work to get better, but a big game is not the right time.

6. Don’t Be The Hero

Paintball players have a tendency to want to be the star of the show and that often gets them into trouble. If you want occasional individual glory, feel free to try every game to win on your own. If, though, you actually want to win regularly, focus on teamwork and strategy.

7. Plan, Plan, Plan

A good team strategy will almost always win against superior fire power and superior numbers. Make sure you all work together and then move in conjunction with each other and you will be able to crush the competition.

8. Practice on Your Own

Improve your game on your own time so that you are able to step on the field and perform. If you excel playing defense, practice offense so that when your team needs you in a game you’re ready to help.

9. Communicate

The more you communicate the better you will do. Good communication will help you keep track of where on the field the opposing players are and it will help you coordinate attacks. Whether you shout or use radios, good team communication will greatly improve your game.

10. Aim Before You Fire

A trap that many paintball players fall into is to fire first and aim later. While it’s easy to fire lots of paint and walk your shot into your target, after the first shot your opponent knows to move and you have a much smaller chance at getting a kill.