Tradition suggests that stag parties can be monumental, epic and any other word that describes a truly awesome day and night. You’ve probably heard of legendary night’s out to celebrate the stags final outing as a singleton; from being tied to a lamppost to being hauled into the back of a van and driven across country for a night on the ale.

Over the 25 years of being in the industry, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting thousand’s of stag parties and we’ve seen some amazing fancy dress costumes, along with some brilliant ways to ‘get the stag’.

With this in mind, I think its about time we introduced Nick Lovett; a loveable chap, who thought his stag day would start in a gentle (in comparison to his night)  fashion at Skirmish Paintball.

However, this was all thrown out the window when he was bungled into to the back of a mate’s van, tarred and feathered and then dumped at our site. In a bath tub. Right at the entrance. In broad daylight.

You have to have a look at the picture, word’s simply do not do it justice!

Nick Lovett stag prank

Poor bloke!

This is possibly the greatest stag prank we’ve heard about.

But there must be something better out there! Let us know, pictures would be even better